Kate MacQueen @ Burning Man 2017

Hello and welcome to our very first blog!

It is a time of new beginnings for us here at Kate MacQueen.

It is a time to renew, regenerate, recharge, refresh and reignite our brand.

This has started with a brand new photo-shoot of the collection (including UV glow in the dark images), a new colorful themed website layout… plus this very blog you are currently reading.

In all honesty, life got in the way, and for a few months we neglected the brand we have grown to love, adore and deeply believe in.

However, the time and space away from the creative platform of Kate MacQueen has spurred a burning desire in us to focus everything on the rebirth of the brand.

Bursting with inspiration and passion, we are now more dedicated than ever to growing and nurturing this brand.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect as Burning Man has just come to an end, and this is a life experience that we strongly identify with here at Kate MacQueen.

If you don’t know much about it, here’s a short description:

Burning Man is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression that takes place over 9 days in Black Rock City, Nevada. The Burning Man community celebrates art, music and life by creating a thriving community in the desert that works as a participative network. Everyone, and anyone, is welcome and the main message, ethos and culture of this desert commune is love and acceptance. There is no monetary value there, everything is devoted to the act of unconditionally giving – or paying it forward, without expectation of anything in return.

In return, however, every attendee who experiences this journey (or soul pilgrimage) gains transformative change, most usually for the better. Everyone is encouraged to play, be authentically true to themselves, and share the experience with an open heart. Self-built barriers will be broken down, and most Burners leave feeling truly humbled to be have experienced such a warm and loving community.

A lot of Burners describe the exhilarating feeling of deliberately getting lost in the lights, mystery and literal sandstorms of The Playa – only to truly find themselves. That may sound deep, but that’s what this spiritual quest is all about.

They say; “In dust we trust” – which upon reflection is more poignant than you may think. The elements of this desert community aren’t exactly comfortable.

You will experience extreme conditions throughout the journey. Hot, dry heat during the day, and cooler chills at night when the soaring temperatures drop.

You also have to get used to the feeling of your skin constantly being caked in a layer of desert dust, and you might not be able to shower nearly as often as you may desire… (If at all, since you’re responsible for your own bathing water).

However, once you’ve completely surrendered and succumbed to the dust, and embraced the desert conditions, your whole experience will open up to endless, boundless opportunity… new friends, soulful insights and magical, memorable moments.

In short, Burning Man is a giant temporary playground in the desert that offers the community the chance to ‘let go’ in a safe and loving environment. It’s all about good vibes and good energy… but most of all it’s about being bold, brave and letting the beauty of your unique soul shine bright.

That is EVERYTHING we are about here at Kate MacQueen.

Be you. Do you… because no one else can.

So, to sum up our rambles… Kate MacQueen featured at our very first Burning Man (of many more!). You can see our cross-over bag and backpack was spotted adventuring all over Burning Man, with all sorts of beautiful Burner souls!

So we conclude this blog with pictures we wanted to share of our wild and wonderful experiences now that the dust has finally settled over the Playa.

Love + Light,

Kate MacQueen