Kate MacQueen + Weddings

Hi guys,

It’s time for our second blog!

This time we wanted to talk about weddings… always an interesting topic for anyone interested in love stories and a little romance!

Over the summer Kate MacQueen were contacted regarding being apart of a Bridal party… but not as a bridesmaid, as you might be presuming.

The bride had the bright idea to include our colorful Kate MacQueen creations into her color-infused bohemian wedding!

She chose 4 clutches from the Maya Collection (one of every color) for each of her bridesmaids to carry throughout the day… and boy, was her insight correct! The dainty clutches totally enhanced and complemented their vintage inspired bridesmaid dresses.

The bride also chose a Large Orange Chakra Tote Bag from the Dharma Collection to carry all her important things in on her special day.

We were lucky enough to attend the wedding and couldn’t believe how perfectly it all pieced together! It was A BEAUTIFUL festival-inspired garden party that took place in the gardens of a quaint cotton mill in Leeds.

First, let us set the tone for the reception:

Imagine walking into a fairy lit wonderland; a whimsical secret garden… colorful lanterns decorate the blue sky and bursts of colorful hues are everywhere.

There’s a colorful assortment of flowers, painted hanging paper parasols and fans… and in particular, a confetti and glitter station! It was a kaleidoscope of color.

There were two roaring bonfires to add warmth to the laid back vibe. Haystacks were adorned with blankets for bonfire seating, and there was a 3-man acoustic band featuring a cello and two guitars that played romantic summer melodies.

There were tastefully decorated food trucks selling an assortment of Thai food, Vietnamese nibbles and Chinese bao buns throughout the day. Not to mention all sorts of tasty refreshments that were available from the fairy-lit tented pub! Everything blended into the theme of the day.

There was a large marquis in the garden, and inside there were vintage tables and chairs set up for a delicious 3-course lunch banquet. Lunch was shortly devoured and the speeches soon followed, along with the cake cutting – and lastly, the magical first dance.

The refreshing and intimate tone of the wedding was present from beginning to end. I was especially captivated by the table settings! There were colorful hand drawn My Little Pony and wrestler paper caricatures, along with individually drawn wooden pegs to guide the guests to their designated chair. The whole day was bursting with character – and it truly reflected the bride and grooms out-going personalities.

This was the most original, authentic and unique wedding I had ever been to, and everyone was left enchanted by the loving and light-hearted atmosphere. I must not forget to mention that unicorn masks and unicorn headbands were being worn throughout the day, everyone had glittered themselves up…and the bolder your outfit, the more you fitted in!

We felt so happy and humbled that Kate MacQueen could be apart of this very special wedding celebration, and above all, honored.

We hope to feature at more weddings in the near future, and are feeling SUPER excited about out bags being selected as gift-bags for wedding guests… for both up-coming Indian and Western weddings around the world!

To conclude, we leave you will some pictures of the gorgeous bride and her bridesmaids with their Kate MacQueen goodies!

P.S. Feel free to get in touch if you fancy ordering our colorful bag creations for any of your special celebrations!

Love + Light,

Kate MacQueen