Customer Testimonials

I was gifted a Kate MacQueen backpack a few weeks ago and it has quickly become my favourite accessory. I bring it to the gym, out shopping, basically everywhere I go. I've genuinely never received so many compliments on anything in my entire life. It's actually become a running joke at this stage - how many compliments will I get today? I've even had a stranger ask me could they take a picture of it. The patterns and colours are so unique and beautiful and I love that they are all made by hand.
- Victoria St Leger (2020)
* * *

With Christmas fast approaching, many of you will be wondering what generic, overpriced stuff you can get your loved ones from the big shopping chains?

A Kate MacQueen bag is not only a thoughtful and useful gift! I guarantee it will stand out from all the other presents - mostly due to the fact it's practically luminous!! 🌈  I have one and it honestly gets compliments EVERYWHERE I go. I use it as a hand luggage item on flights and keep it in my handbag as a shopper too. They aren't expensive and when you read the sentiment behind them, you are giving a bit more than just a bag.

- Emily JP (2020)