Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

A Positive Social Impact

It is of utmost importance to us that our sustainability practices cover ethical, environmental and social factors. We take pride in being an ethical bag brand. We are a sustainable, eco-friendly, fair trade business. Everything is handmade and no machines are used. We celebrate the local community and invest in authentic Thai craftsmanship and sustainable fashion. We integrate sustainability into our business strategy as we strive to a make a positive effect on the Northern Thai artisan community. We do not use animal products and our bags are vegan friendly.

Kate MacQueen bags are brought to life by Northern Thai artisans in the remote and rural countryside and in return our sustainability initiatives align with developing new valuable growth opportunities for the local community.
In short: We provide vegan, artisan-made bags dedicated to both social and environmental good. We operate using eco-friendly processes. Whether you're in the market for a beach tote, a classic faux-leather cross-body or a trendy travel bag -- at Kate MacQueen you can shop with a clear conscience.
Say No To Single Use Plastic
No plastic is used in the production of our bags. Additionally, we offer alternatives to plastic bags - from reusable shopping bags to clever totes that fold up to fit in your bag. Reducing your own single-use plastic bag consumption is an environmentally responsible move. We offer reusable alternative bags that are not only affordable, they are also a fashion statement.
The World's Sad Reality
A lot of plastic products can be recycled, but the majority of them just end up in landfills and go on to pollute our oceans. A report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation predicts that by 2050, plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish. If we keep disposing of plastic at the rate we're going, in 31 years there will be about 850-950 million tons of plastic in the ocean, and only 812 - 899 million tons of fish. Looking at those harrowing numbers can be overwhelming — as an individual, it's hard to imagine that our small actions could move the needle at all. But we all have to start somewhere. Re-useable bags are a start.


Our Mission Statement
Create beautiful hand-crafted products, cause no unnecessary harm, support the local community by creating opportunities and implement positive solutions to the environmental crisis.

With Love and Light,
Kate MacQueen